the archivist October 13, 2010

“President Philip (who is without a doctoral degree and who has little if any experience teaching or researching)”

via The Crisis of the Humanities Officially Arrives –

GRRRR. This makes me so angry, partly because SUNY Albany has a good Russian program (one of their faculty co-wrote my favorite textbook series, Nachalo), and partly because I have a bit of experience with underqualified administrators who have no respect for the academic programs they administer. It’s just a cushy job with an easy schedule, good benefits and lots of days off. Oh, and if I buy myself a tablet PC on the university’s tab the same week I lay off a staff member who’s a single mom, no one really notices or cares…

And meanwhile, all of us who studied the humanities pound the pavement in search of work that would actually allow us to, y’know, use our education.