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so many shoes
Shelly's Shoes
(Photo credit: Louis Beche)

Many years ago this was a thriving, happy planet – people, cities, shops, a normal world. Except that on the high streets of these cities there were slightly more shoe shops than one might have thought necessary. And slowly, insidiously, the number of the shoe shops were increasing. It’s a well-known economic phenomenon but tragic to see it in operation, for the more shoe shops there were, the more shoes they had to make and the worse and more unwearable they became. And the worse they were to wear, the more people had to buy to keep themselves shod, and the more the shops proliferated, until the whole economy of the place passed what I believe is termed the Shoe Event Horizon, and it became no longer economically possible to build anything other than shoe shops. Result – collapse, ruin and famine. Most of the population died out. Those few who had the right kind of genetic instability mutated into birds who cursed their feet, cursed the ground and vowed that no one should walk on it again.

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

A local version of Shoe store (鞋鋪) in Mong kok...
Shoe store (鞋鋪) in Mong kok , Hong Kong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









The shoe event horizon
(Photo credit: abrinsky)







think of the little children!
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