the archivist July 7, 2011

J & I have been watching a TV show from the 90s on Netflix. Well, actually, several of them. The one we stream is a show that he learned to love in reruns, not so very long ago; I, on the other hand, occasionally caught a bit of it in its original run (if we got home early enough from bookstudy), but haven’t seen it since.

Last night I watched two consecutive episodes that I faintly remembered. And it was a wondrous thing. I had forgotten the plot lines and the jokes, but the visuals, the clothes, particularly the colors, all came rushing back. I realized that I’ve been remembering an image from that episode every time I hear a certain phrase. How strange and potentially scary is it that things we might see in passing become part of our semantic arsenal for all time. So be careful what you watch, I guess. It’s bad enough that I’m stuck with Andy Dick definitions; don’t let Snooki be yours.

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