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Yes, volume 8 was posted before volume 7. Want your money back?

The girl who grew up in Pasadena, took the bus, loved her mom, and wrote herself into the world. Vulture | The Spectacular Life of Octavia Butler

With its sweet and loving disposition, combined with silky fur and elegantly droopy ears, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a popular breed—with families paying hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars per puppy. Unfortunately, though, it is almost certain that their pet will also come with genetic disorders. Scientific American | Although Purebred Dogs Can Be Best in Show, Are They Worst in Health? Why diseases plague purebred dogs and how breeders, owners and genetics can help

On Dec. 31, 1999, while the rest of the world was fixated on Y2K, ailing Russian President Boris Yeltsin tearfully concluded his annual New Year’s address by announcing he was stepping down as president, appointing Putin, his little-known prime minister, in his stead. In the months that followed, Putin stood for election in his own right, winning the presidency handily.

One day before his formal inauguration, on May 6, 2000, Putin signed a directive that would begin the reconsolidation of Russia’s top revenue-generating industries. But Putin’s first target wasn’t oil or natural gas, or diamonds or gold or nickel. It was vodka. Politico | Russia Has a Vodka Addiction. So Does Vladimir Putin – But Not the Same Way.

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Random interesting images: | Wonders of Street View

In 1986, Barbara Lowe Vollick won five games of ‘Jeopardy!’ in a row. Her episodes were then taken out of circulation. What followed was a nearly 40-year hunt for the missing tapes—and a quest to find out what really happened between the show and its most enigmatic champion. The Ringer | The Search for the Lost ‘Jeopardy!’ Tapes Is Over. The Mystery Behind Them Endures.

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