polyarchivist April 8, 2015

One of the most common-sense ideas for saving money is this: make your own meals and take them with you. Restaurants, coffee shops, and vending machines all charge a hefty markup on food, for both the service and the convenience. These temptations are plentiful around my office, but oddly, it’s not my appetite that leads […]

polyarchivist February 9, 2008

I have a friendship (not a particularly close one, for reasons that will soon be obvious) fit for an old-school sitcom. This girl usually runs into incredible streaks of luck, but also can’t help bragging about it. It often comes across as patronizing. If Fred Rutherford was a naturally-size-0, designer-obsessed, 26-year-old bubbleheaded PhD student, it […]

polyarchivist January 26, 2008

So I’m in grad school. Have I written about that? Somehow it’s not as easy to talk about as undergrad, not as fully realized a purpose in my life. Perhaps I’ll write another post about it soon. ANYway, I had to buy books for this semester. So after comparison shopping on and consulting the […]

polyarchivist December 6, 2007

So my yard sale left me with far too many clothes items (both mine and other family members) from bygone years. After some research about the new tax laws, I decided to donate them all to Goodwill and take an itemized deduction. Why? Well, my used clothes have never sold terribly well on ebay, for […]

polyarchivist October 25, 2007

Homefinding Book is a free real estate guide for buying, selling and financing a home. You can also view homes for sale–including some deals on foreclosures–and get a free home valuation. And even if you’re not ready to make a move yet, it’s still inspiring to dream about it!