PolyArchive Publications offers specialized proofreading services. Please note that this service differs from our editing services. Editing involves substantive changes to the text, while proofreading aims to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, page layout (including numbering), and references. Our proofreading services fall into these general categories:

  • Proofreading for publication: Our expert will review your manuscript for errors, and ensure that the text and citations are formatted correctly for the media in which they will be published. We are versed in a number of style guides for academic essays, theses, and dissertations; most commonly, we work in APA, MLA, Chicago, CSE, and Harvard style guides. Typically, proofreading for publication is billed at a flat rate for the entire project.
  • Proofreading for the web: Our expert can review the text of your website–whether it is already published online or still in development–for spelling and grammar errors, and issues with coding in the website text only. This service is especially helpful if the text was developed in Microsoft Word or another program that may have created characters in the code that are incompatible with some browsers. Our per-project rates are very reasonable for this service.
  • Transcript proofreading: As of 2015, we are pleased to offer proofreading for legal transcripts and film/television captions. Court reporters and closed captioners are invited to contact us for a special per-page rate for proofreading.