the archivist December 31, 2009

I wasn’t sure if this was going to work, but today my free custom luggage tags from KLM arrived!

You can upload your own photo, or choose one of theirs. I used a pic of me outside the wall of Visby, one of my new favorite destinations. The tags are pretty good quality, and have your info printed on the reverse.

In other news, it pays to be nice. I took myself out to linner at Macaroni Grill (an end of semester tradition since my halcyon, impecunious undergrad days), and my rather inept but nice waitress forgot about me. It was no big deal, and I tried to calm her down about it, and when I left she gave me not only a free dessert (which I was half expecting) but a loaf of bread to go with the leftovers of my entree! I’ve previously attempted to take home the bread from the table, only to have them take it out of my doggie bag, so this was an especially sweet surprise. Not as sweet as a big’ol’ piece of free tiramisu though, amirite?

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