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How many of us can date a picture to the decade, just by looking at the photo’s characteristics and processing? A fairly large number, I would think. Each generation of cameras has corresponded to the aesthetics of its time, the ethos, even the color palette. Think of the small, perfectly square photos of the minimalist 60s, the overdone yellow filters of the mellow 70s, the matte prints of the 80s and the uber-glossy prints of the 90s. (And now, of course, the dearth of prints altogether.)

So I wonder if the DSLR that has convinced everyone with a spare $600 that he or she is a soon-to-be-pro photographer (and can s/he shoot your wedding? Pretty please?), with its arresting, color-enhancing portrait capabilities, is creating yet another phase in the series, and if so…

What’s next?

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